A global digital asset for a global world, where each of us control our own financial assets and financial future.

Your Key, Your Crypto.

MELD Finance has a novel wallet registration that lets you signup in 4 different ways and breaks up your private keys into 4 parts. If any one of these is compromised, you can still recover your account by using 3 of the others. No more worrying about looking for your keys written on paper.

SMS Mobile Verification
Social Media Sign-in

Amazing Rates.

Historically the cost of converting between crypto and fiat has been expensive. MELD Finance is working very hard to bring the exchange rates down to a competitive level that making it fast and efficient to move between fiat and crypto at the touch of a button.

On Demand
Instant Settlement
Crossing Blockchains

All The Cryptos.

Cryptocurrency is a very dynamic and ever changing ecosystem with with new tokens arriving all the time. Through our partnership with the MELD Foundation we support 6 major blockchains and over 60 tokens.


A fiat neobank PLUS a non-custodial CRYPTO wallet SO I CAN EARN, SAVE, SPEND and swap at COMPETITIVE rates.

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